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- Will this be on mobile/browser/mac/linux/etc?

I'm pretty sure that's above mine and RPGMaker VX Ace's capabilities, so no. The reason I made it in RPGMaker in the first place is because I just know a bit of Ruby, and it was something I could feasibly put together on my own. But professional programmers hmu I guess lol

- Are you gonna keep updating this?

I'm decently content with it and I don't wanna promise anything right now, but maybe! I'm open to suggestions regarding new assets, too

- How do I open zip files?

You can download Winrar or 7-zip for free if you don't have it

- Can I export images?

Unfortunately I don't think that's possible to implement, but screenshotting and pasting in Paint works too, just make sure you're not in fullscreen (so it's not blurry)

- What about mouse controls?

RPGMaker works only with keyboard / gamepads (you're essentially moving a little guy on a map), but you can speed up the cursor by holding Shift


This silly little thing is free for all, but if you like it, you can donate here or on BMAC

Please don't use these trolls for commercial purposes (selling them as adopts etc). You can gift and trade them if you wanna!

Using them in personal projects and editing the doll to your further liking is fine, but credit is very much appreciated.

Made in RPGMaker VX Ace cause I fear no god. Special thanks to the Yanfly Flip Picture script and HimeWorks' extended options list script. This is the font used. Troll species belong to Andrew Hussie. 

P.S. Read Vast Error

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Character Customization, doll-creator, dress-up, fantroll, Generator, homestuck, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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Hello! I am not sure why or if anyone has the same problem as I but it seems that I can't extract the .rar file? It says that it has no archives, that it's either an unknown format or damaged.

made a new gender with this one


Hey there! I have a lil suggestion for different body types if thats okay! Would it be possible for different types like centaur bodies or something of the sort too?


I'm kinda curious about something. Would it be possible at all to add some kind of setting that could allow for certain parts to be moved up or down a layer? There are some clothing and accessory options that don't quite fit with other clothes and accessories because the layer that they are on is either above or below the clothes when it could be on a different layer.


Hello, I am once again back with another suggestion. I was curious if you could add options for hijabs, as someone with muslim ocs I can't make them since there's no hijab options, so I would appreciate if you could add those, thank you for your time!


Thank you for making this!

It would be amazing if you could add full robotic bodies and an option to paint horns!

After the last update there seems to be an issue with resetting things to their 'default' position. So far its been for all three tabs, but only for loaded characters (not if you hit new troll). it just gives this message, then crashes and loses all progress. 

Were those trolls saved before or after the update?

I want to say for ones saved before,


the arrows are glitching out majorly

Which arrows and in what way?

how do I download??

are you planning on making a mac version anytime soon?


The sign choosing feature is so handy


this might actually be one of the most indepth online character customizers ive seen, even if youre not intending to make a troll character... and i can also make sakura chan So 10/10

Bug reports: Bottom #97 seems to have an errant marking that shows up right below the neck. Most top options cover it up but it's noticeable if tops are set to #0 and it can also be seen in the preview area in the tinting menu.

The arrows for selecting the background skip over option #0.

This is perhaps less of a bug and more of a lack of clear usability but the help menu mentions an icon of a white paint can that can color multiple items simultaneously. I only see the red paint can for coloring a specific item.

Suggestions: Scrolling through each option one by one is a little tiring and even more so when there's dozens and hundreds of options. I know I can jump to a specific number by clicking the number box but I think it would be great if there was a scrollable menu that showed several items at once.

It would be nice if more of the accessories could be broken out into their own sections. I'd like to equip both a pair of glasses and the pride pins.


- Removed the wayward pixel

- The #0 background skipped intentionally, because I didn't see a point in not having a background (same with the body bases), but I thought about it and added a plain white bg as the 0th one in case someone wanted to edit it out easier, so there's that

- The lack of white paint can is a goof I somehow missed, it was supposed to be the mass recolor button right above the reset one. Fixed now though

- Can't implement a scrollable menu, but I did include the asset maps into the zip now, so hopefully it helps

- I could only fit this many categories into this layout, but I'll see if the pins can be rearranged somewhere else because I did have that thought too

I love this! So many options to choose from, and all the art is fantastic.

I do have a bug report, though: I'm getting a crash in v1.1 when trying to reset body parts when working with a saved troll.

Repro steps:

  1. Launch the game
  2. Load a troll
  3. Try to reset a body part (e.g. the mouth)

Result: Game crashes with the following error:

"Script 'Game_Interpreter' line 1411: NoMethodError occurred. 

undefined method 'asset' for nil: NilClass"

Should be fixed (but resave your trolls)!

Unfortunately I'm still getting this error in version 1.2 as well. I tried resaving the troll after loading the original save file but even the resaved one causes the crash. Starting a new character, saving that, then loading it doesn't cause the Crash On Default Reset bug.

And thanks for all the other fixes and changes in 1.2! The asset sheets in particular are a fantastic resource.

Love the Maker and the wide variety of options you have! Only question, is there any sort of Legend or number scheme for the troll signs? Is there an easier way to find a certain sign rather than just sifting through them all individually?


Rearranged them in order and added a button for an easier search :)

hi, thanks for making such a cool, in-depth fantroll maker, this could probably help a lot of people depict their ocs that they maybe couldn't before, it certainly did for me!! ❤️

an option to remove/hide ears (for hemoanons) would be pretty cool, if you ever have the time! 

Added an earless body base, just for you haha

thank you!! that's so awesome, love the update! :D ❤️


Are there plans to add mouse compatibility to this? Its a little clunky on keyboard and I really want to use it more than I can right now


hello!! i love this maker, and i was wondering if it would be possible for you to make a catalogue of sorts for the options in each category? having to scroll through all of the options to find the clothes or hair im looking for takes some time, and some sort of list would be much appreciated! love your work, thank you!

Deleted 45 days ago

Hey, that's a really rude comment to make. Xamag's fantroll maker is incredible, and is in a completely different style compared to the Dollmaker. The Dollmaker is made with user submission for troll parts, and stylistic inconsistencies are due to all the different artists working on the project. Comparing different fan projects is insulting to both projects, and only serves to tear down one project in order to build up another.


i adore this! as always your style is so delightfully clean and the format is simple enough that this makes any hs fan's inner child giddy with excitement. this is definitely going to be used a TON to help me visualize my ocs! all the options make it so no one troll is even remotely too close to another, even if theyre randomly generated! p.s. i would love if you could make a collage list of all the assets so it's easier to connect a number to what the hair/hat/etc looks like. sort of like picrew's visual list but not in-game :)


Overall a rally great fantroll creator with lots of options, would be nice if we could add content, but i guess that can difficult to implement for users to easily add things (idk how gamemaker works). 

But at least i can edit them with other programs like paint (used it to add a beauty mark and merge the long jacket and hoodie clothes, for example, as well as editing colors of things like the inner parts of clothing). 

Would be nice to also have more normal options for horns, like stubby ones like karkat or nepeta's (maybe i just passed them too quickly while looking for them).

Just a small question, can you make a version for Android?


Your art is what got me into Homestuck! Still as great as ever and thanks for the game <3

Aw thank you!

Found this via Twitter and god this game gave me flashback of old flash fantroll makers on DeviantArt


I miss flash so much. The power I could have

can you put this on browser, android, linux or mac?

Sorry if I knew how to do any of that, I wouldn't be making this in the silly little RPGMaker to begin with orz I'm no professional programmer unfortunately, I just did what I could

What should I do if it shows that the file is corrupted or has an unknown format? I even deleted and downloaded the updated version, but in no way

Uhh corrupted in what way? Also are you opening it on Windows

I don't know myself. When trying to open only this error crashes

Можно попробовать погуглить саму ошибку, вроде в винраре есть опция пофиксить. Обычно это из-за того что загрузка недозагружалась нормально, но файл маленький, и уж на второй раз должен целиком скачаться, так что странно :\

извините за оффтоп, но ржу, как обсуждение начали на английском закончили на русском

Install on another folder and check hdd for problems


i keep getting this error:

Script 'Game_Interpreter' line 1411: NoMethodError occurred.

only happens when editing a loaded troll

same here

Just found out why the game seems to be doing this:

When you load a troll it's only loading its appearance, the data is kinda there just like a ghost, but it's not really there, to the game itself?

I found that a way to fix it is to click new troll, let the game generate it, then load yours — but you when you switch objects, it will base the change off of the one that the game generated. It's a weird bug.


Should be fixed now!

How do you save? Do you have to screen shot your troll?


if you press x it will bring up a menu 👍

do you think youll ever port to mac?


I can't open the file. Is there something I need to open it?


it's a .rar file, so you would need WinRAR to open it. the program is free, it's like an even more condensed version of ZIP files. :)

Thank you I used WinRAR and it worked perfectly!

You can also open it with BreeZip which can be found in the Microsoft Store


gonna wait when there's an update for new stuff


im obsessed.

i am on the floor pissiing and cyring

my crops have been waterd, depression cured, and acne gone.